When Will Be The Tesla’s Robo Taxis Ready
Tesla Robotaxi

When Will Be The Tesla’s Robo Taxis Ready

I think so but whenever you need this word 100 to $200,000 once it becomes a robo taxi. So let’s talk Robo taxis Tesla’s endgame is not for everyone to buy Tesla, the end game of Tesla is to become a ride through self driving cars called Robo taxis. Tesla Robotaxi

Tesla RoboTaxi
Tesla RoboTaxi

Today we’re going to cover all things with taxis, including when we’re actually going to see Robo taxis on the road because I feel like we’ve been talking about them for so long. I think I can show comfortably there will be zero on the road this year, you’ll hear more from the research engineer a little bit later at first let’s talk about the cost of a robo taxi ride, when you use a ride sharing app like Uber and Lyft you’re paying on average two to $3 a mile.

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Tesla says its customers can pay about $1 a mile with the Tesla Robo taxi, but it could actually be less than that, according to the investment firm Ark invest a ride can cost 25 cents or as little as one 10th the cost of a normal taxi ride and a third of the cost of using your personal car. And for those who do own a Tesla you can earn money while not using your car by adding it to the robo taxi fleet Ilan had some strong words to say last year when he said owning a car, other than a Tesla is like owning a horse.

Take a look. It’s financially insane to buy anything other than a Tesla, they’ll be like owning a horse in three years, if you buy a card that does not that does not have the hardware necessary for full self driving is like buying a horse Ilan predicts the gross profit of adding your Tesla to the fleet is $30,000 a year, which is quite a lot of money, and that’s not at all, he tweeted last year that cars with full self driving capabilities should be worth 100 to $200,000 as the utility of the Tesla increases from around 12 hours a week to say, 60, hours a week because it’s being used as a robo taxi in areas where there aren’t a lot of Tesla’s Tesla says it will have its own dedicated fleet. Here’s the thing, when a robo taxis actually going to be on the road, there have been so many news headlines predicting that by 2020 we’d have lots of self driving cars in 2016 Business Insider said there would be 10 million of these cars on the road by 2020.

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Next year for sure, we will have over a million Robo taxis on the road, 1 million Robo taxis on the road by the end of this year is this too good to be true. Yes it is according to that research engineer I spoke with areas. It’s extremely difficult to have a vehicle that drives, under full automatic control under a wide range of road conditions, and that’s going to continue to be extremely difficult to do it safely,

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Steve slot over stresses just how difficult it is to perfect the technology to the point where you can literally take a nap in the backseat with full confidence that Nothing will go wrong. There are many other companies testing at self driving cars that haven’t yet reached their deadlines for example Wei mo which is the self driving unit of Google’s parent company alphabet has been testing its autonomous cars for a few years now, and also predicted its Jaguar fleet would get to do up to a million trips each day by 2020 Toyota said in 2015, it would make self driving cars by 2020, but it’s tough to do. And don’t forget, there are regulatory hurdles, according to the association and CSL self driving laws have been passed in 29 states as well as DC, the other states either have legislation that’s pending or no legislation at all, Ilan also has a track record of not being able to make deadlines and he’s admitted to this as well, sometimes.

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