Explainations & Reasons Why ICC postponded T-20 World Cup
ICC cancel T-20 world cup

Explainations & Reasons Why ICC postponded T-20 World Cup

Explanation & Reasons why ICC postponeded T-20 world cup 2020 In this article I am covering what the ICC team member told that why the ICC postponeded T-20 world cup 2020. ICC postpond T-20 World cup
After a lot of internal deliberation, we finally came to a position to take the decision to postpone the 2020 D 21 World Cup.

ICC postponded world cup t-20
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Because of the covid 19 pandemic situation and how we see that, developing and across. You know, we need to factor in the amount of complexity that a world class event with 16 teams participating brings in, in terms of safety and security teams the players, but every person who’s involved in making the tournament happen, which would include your broadcasters your volunteers, your media, and they all play a such an integral part.

And when you put all of them together, you know you’re looking at close to 20,000 accredited people who are required to run an event. And for that kind of magnitude, to make sure that everybody is safe and secure is an extremely important decision that was taken through, you know, we went to considerable amount of areas to focus on we looked at options like air bubbles we looked at options, could we have it in reduced when we looked at options, could we play behind closed doors.

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And we also looked at the various information that we were getting from government authorities and taking all that into consideration. We then basically took the board took the decision of trying to, you know, postponing the COA postponing the tournament. One of the things that was primary for us also was the focus the fact that we need to kind of maintain a certain level of stature of the events, while ensuring that the health and safety is clearly maintained. We were extremely conscious also of not putting undue pressure on the national health services, which would have led to the possibility of compromising the kind of facilities that were available to the local public they are on this account so that also played a huge part in in coming to the decision on that on the, on the brighter side.

I think what we ended up was the board recognising that for the betterment of the sport we needed to come out with clear windows for the three ICC events now, which I think is great news so we have the first window available in October November 2021 for the T 20 with the final being scheduled for 14th of November. We have the second window scheduled for October November 2022 with the final being scheduled for 13, that kind of gives you a very good 12 months gap between the two Parliament’s

T-20 world cup postpond
T-20 World Cup

The board also took the decision of baseball and basically moving the ICC Cricket World Cup men’s Cricket World Cup from February March 2023 to October November 23 with the final being scheduled for 26th of November which kind of is, is a huge step in the right direction for the sport, because it now just gives you a very clear gap between the various things plus it helps us. Also make sure that we can plan the events. Given the stature of the events and ensuring the health and safety of all our, all the people concerned.

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Tell us about the importance of the decision to move the ICC men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 back by six months?
As ICC team member said that I think it’s a, it’s extremely important and and i and i think it’s a huge step for the for the sport because what COVID-19 it provides that time. It also provides the time for players to basically you know train and get ready for the big stage, whether it is d 20 or whether it’s the Cricket World Cup. And most importantly, it basically helps us retain the integrity of the qualification process to ensure that you know the Cricket World Cup is the biggest event 2023 is the biggest event for for that to happen.

Have any decision has been taken regarding the staging of the ICC women’s Cricket World Cup 2021 ?
As ICC team member said that We continue to evaluate the situation in relation to, you know, planning for the event in the current window of February March 2021. And while that evaluation process is being undertaken. The planning for the event continues as scheduled.

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